DAY 1 – Content Strategy

Nail your content strategy with a focus on content that is actually of value

In this session you will be taught:

– A content strategy for your business
– Content development done right
– Scaled content creation
– Analytics, and analysis for your efforts

Aaron Agius

Co-Founder, Louder.Online

9:00 am ET

Authentic storytelling as a new discipline to move business goals forward

In this session you will be taught:

– Authentic storytelling as a new discipline
– Use stories to move business goals forward
– Approval hell and how it kills your authenticty
– How to be authentic on every channel

Christoph Trappe

The Authentic Storyteller, Authentic Storytelling

9:30 am ET

Getting started as a thought leader and positioning yourself to maximize your content marketing

In this session you will be taught:

– The impact of thought leadership
– How to get started with content marketing
– The secret effective task companies use to deliver results
– How to measure content marketing success

Michael Brenner

CEO, Marketing Insider Group

3:00 pm ET

How to come up with ideas for content, especially viral content

In this session you will be taught:

– Where to start when setting up a content strategy
– How to come up with ideas for viral content
– If SEO is important
– Best ways of distributing your content
– The most common mistakes to avoid

Arnie Kuenn

CEO, Vertical Measures

3:30 pm ET

DAY 2 – Content Creation

6 steps to advanced blog post creation: Planning, research, writing, editing & optimizing

In this session you will be taught:

– The planning process before researching
– Efficient, in-depth research for blogposts that outperform others
– How to implement research when building a blogpost
– How to remove fluff when editing
– Optimizing your blog posts

Marijana Kostelac

Freelance Writer, Marijana Kay

9:00 am ET

An extensive resource center that oozes goodwill and warms up your prospects

Leslie Samuel

Founder, Become A Blogger

9:30 am ET

Gain authority through publishing in-depth research that gets shared

In this session you will be taught:

– How to identify what is valuable content
– Creating original content that stands out
– Methods to amplifying your message
– How to work with influencers

Steve Rayson

Director, BuzzSummo

10:00 am ET

A system to curate content for rapport and engagement with your community

In this session you will be taught:

– How to maximize content curation
– Benefits of content curation for your company
– A recommended curation system
– The relationship between content curation and influencer marketing

Neal Schaffer

CEO, PDCA Social

3:00 pm ET

The 3 Bucket Rule automation system for balance and sanity

In this session you will be taught:

– Choosing people over process
– The meaning of the ‘3 Bucket Rule”
– How to plan to be productive
– Move tpo snack-size everything

Tanya Smith

Online Marketing Strategist, Mindfully Marketing

3:30 pm ET

DAY 3 – Community

Create a community that loves you by bringing vulnerability and personality-driven storytelling to your content

In this session you will be taught:

– How to stand out and make a lasting impressions
– The ‘pyramid of connection’ explaining how people connect online
– Being personal without sharing too much
– The art of relating a topic or situation to your niche

Kamila Gornia

Founder, Heart Behind Hustle

9:00 am ET

How to maximize your media coverage and leverage it to your advantage

Selena Soo

Creator, Impacting Millions

9:30 am ET

Highly targeted lead magnets that build up interested subscribers from your content

In this session you will be taught:

– The lead magnet explained
– How to determine what lead magnets you should create
– How to put your offer to your audience
– A tactic to convert your subscribers

Mike Allton

Blogger, The Social Media Hat

3:00 pm ET

Grow your tribe with Facebook Live, create content assets that you can get instant feedback

In this session you will be taught:

– How to know if your content will be well received
– How to get viewers to show up and engage at your FB live
– Tips to ensure conversions
– Secret to creating free content on video

Melissa Pharr

Wealth Creation Coach, Melissa Pharr

3:30 pm ET

DAY 4 – Podcast / Video

Non-salesy entertaining videos that create conversations and fans who convert

Katya Varbanova

Video Marketing Strategist, Viral Video Funnel

9:00 am ET

How to use LinkedIn Video to get qualified leads

In this session you will be taught:

– How to create the right lead magnet
– Tactics for shooting a short video for social media
– How to create a LI Post that attracts viewers
– Methods for follow up and connecting with interactions

Adam Franklin

CEO, Bluewire Media

9:30 am ET

6 key steps to leveraging the power of podcasting and generate revenue

In this session you will be taught:

– Choosing your topic of influence
– How to identity decision makers
– Creation of powerful hooks and intrigue
– The keys to being an engaging guest
– Enrolling people into your “Eco-System”

Steve Olsher

America’s Reinvention Expert, The New Media Summit

3:00 pm ET

Increased brand visibility with podcasting & problem solving content

Greg Taylor

Co-Founder, Trinity Web Media and Development

3:30 pm ET

DAY 5 – Repurposing / Partnerships

How to start guest blogging on high traffic websites

In this session you will be taught:

– The pro’s of guest blogging
– The best way of reaching out to blog owners and editors
– A plan for pitching your content
– Maintaining and growing relationships with influencers

Barry Feldman

Founder, Feldman Creative

9:00 am ET

How to grow your network and become friends with influencers to increase your reach and links

In this session you will be taught:

– Strategy to find proven topics for your content
– How to find LSI keywords
– The importance of aesthetics
– Creating a bond with your audience before publishing
– A tool to automate your follow ups

Bill Widmer

Founder, William Widmer

9:30 am ET

How to repurpose your content for as many platforms as possible and practical

In this session you will be taught:

– The primary source of content creation
– Publishing done right
– Best ways to repurpose your content
– The easiest way to start a podcast
– The solution to no listeners

Larry G. Maguire

Writer & Artist, Larry G. Maguire

3:00 pm ET

The 5 principles of momentum and cross pollination

Shama Hyder

Founder, Zen Media

3:30 pm ET

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